Let’s Leave the Denomination of Dullness

Some Sundays it feels like the Body of Blahs in the Denomination of Dullness.  Why? We look around at the beginning of the worship gathering and there is only a few people present.  There is something exciting about a crowd of people coming together to worship the Lord.  A crowd says there is growth and health and it naturally brings excitement. 

What is it going to take to become a dynamic growing church? Here is the secret; people come to church when they are invited. 

Let’s start by saying that a growing church is a healthy, obedient church. Here’s why; it’s scripturally healthy to want to…

  • Share our church with people
  • Witness people saved
  • See lives changed for the better
  • Enable sobriety
  • Encourage personal holiness
  • Find healing for our hurts, habits and hang-ups
  • Heal broken relationships

And all these results take place in an active relationship with Jesus through his Church. What are the roadblocks to personally inviting people to church?  Sometimes we…

  • Don’t feel a burden for people
  • Forget what it’s like to be apart from Christ
  • Feel embarrassed by the style and quality of the worship gathering
  • More embarrassed by the people who attend
  • Downplay the influence of our story
  • Figure they will find it irrelevant
  • Compartmentalize – work stuff for work, church for church
  • Fear rejection and losing a relationship
  • Fear being challenged
  • Asked everyone we know already
  • Fear our friends won’t be welcomed.

So we must break down these barriers and discover an effective way to reach people with a personal invite to sojourn church.

I want to be a part of a dynamic growing body of Christ.  How do we get there?

  • Make a list of people
  • List what you like about sojourn church
  • Think about your personal benefits of attending
  • Start inviting.
  • Prepare for excitement!