Worship at Sojourn

Worship at Sojourn is an interactive experience where people are invited to participate in every aspect of the worship gathering.  We have live music each Sunday, often a full band, but also, our worship leader and his guitar.

Our preaching is Bible-based, Christ-centered, and full of application to your everyday life.  We preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and we encourage one another to do well in our “journey with Jesus.”  Pastor Jim usually preaches for about 30 minutes. He incorporates lots of visuals in his sermon with really cool pictures and videos.  Sometimes he brings in an item to use for an illustration.  We like all this.  Sometimes he asks us to say things to each other during the sermon (we think he’s stalling or forgot his place).

Sojourn engages in corporate prayer and utilizes “worship stations”

Worship Stations are opportunities to “engage the text” as we like to say.  Usually there is an item that represents some point from the Scripture.  Participants are encouraged to touch or interact with the object as they think through the point of the text.  Often there is something to write or draw or say during this time.

These interactive stations are usually toward the end of the message.  Participants go to the stations alone or with a friend.  The goal is to worship God on a different level than for the pews.

We meet each Sunday at 10:30AM and usually wrap up the gathering at noon.  On the third Sunday of each month we share a meal together right after the worship gathering.

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